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Elevate knowledge on how to create a safer environment for OR staff and patients, by sharing solutions and best practices. The hands-on lab will provide participants the opportunity to apply technologies on tissue by focusing on their safe and effective use. The course will also integrate the Hemostasis Optimization Program (HOP) with a focus on discussing the prevalence, impact, avoidance and management of different types of bleeding duringsurgery. The faculty will share their experiences along with tips to help OR nurses to understand what the different types of bleeding situations are and how thesecan be addressed in the most effective way.

Learning Objective:

  • Increase knowledge level of the correct and safe use of Energy in the OR, explaining the science and physics behind it

  • Develop effective smoke evacuation programs, by sharing evidence and solutions-Drive compliance with a focus on safety and wellbeing of patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs)

  • Understand why Access matters

  • Learn and apply Mental Training in Surgery to prepare for challenging/emergency situations

  • Systematic Approach to Bleeding

  • Site, Situation, & Solution (HOP Framework); Understand safe and effective use of hemostats

Target Group:

Experienced OR Nurses with a general interest in improving OR safety standards in hospitals for OR Staff and also the patients.

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