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  • Richard Assaker
  • Gerd Borden
  • Nick Haden
  • Pedro Varanda

Clinical Content:

LIS deformity correction, complications and revision strategies, navigation. Hands-on with MIS trauma treatment, degenerative spine, deformity correction, sacro pelvic fixation and navigation.

Technical Solution:

Viper platform including Prime, Confience, Synfix Evolution, ILAS, Oracle, CONCORDE Lift, Pro Ti and CONCORDE Clear.

Learning Objective:

Participants will learn how to apply appropriate less invasive surgical treatment options (LIS) to different advanced spine pathologies. MIS techniques for trauma, tumor, degenerative treatment and deformity corrections. Revision strategies and complications will also be discussed.

Target Audience:

Intermediate to Expert learner surgeons who already apply basic MIS techniques in their practice but wish to broaden the application and learn new techniques and tactics.