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Prof. Alban Denys, Assoc. Prof. David Breen, Prof. R. Grasso, Dr. Peter Littler, Prof. Julien Garnon, Prof. Correas

Clinical Content:
Principles of microwave energy; clinical experience in liver, lung and kidney ablation.

Technical Solution:
NeuWave Ablation System, Ablation Confirmation.

Learning Objective:
Interactive workshop covering advanced clinical & technical aspects of microwave energy for soft tissue ablations. Didactic and live case sessions will help build ablation awareness and refine ablation technique. Ablation Confirmation software will be demonstrated.

Day 1
Insights from clinical experience, Treatment planning & risk management, Clinical case review (liver: multiprobe ablations)

Day 2
Cases in the IR Suite: 1 case with 2 probes and 1 case with 3 probes

Target Group:
Intermediate learner