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Pace Mapping: Principles and Pitfalls, with Joshua Cooper, MD

    Watch this 11-part video playlist to learn more as Dr. Cooper provides an introduction to pace mapping and other valuable topics. This content is intended for Health Care Professionals in the United States.


    Part 1: Introduction to Cardiac Stimulation
    Part 2: Principles of Pace Mapping
    Part 3: How to Compare the Paced ECG to the Clinical Arrhythmia
    Part 4: Pacing Electrode Surface Area & Anodal Capture
    Part 5: How Coupling Interval & Pacing Output Impact Pace Mapping
    Part 6: PVC Case Examples With Non-Uniform Myocardial Surfaces
    Part 7: Purkinje Network Arrhythmias - QRS Effect of Multiple Exit Sites
    Part 8: VT & Pacing in Myocardial Scar - Reliance Upon Discrete Exit Sites
    Part 9: Myocardial Scar - Interaction Between Pacing Site, Output, & Exits
    Part 10: Pace Mapping Versus Entrainment - QRS Impact of Functional Block
    Part 11: Summary & Conclusions