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The Johnson & Johnson Institute harnesses the size, reach, collective resources and passion of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies to support the professional growth of those who care for others.

The Johnson & Johnson Institute facility in Wokingham, United Kingdom is located at the Pinewood campus. It is a 7,500-square foot facility designed to enhance education with an advanced technological infrastructure.

The Johnson & Johnson Institute in Wokingham, United Kingdom is a state-of-the-art facility where healthcare professionals, sales consultants and employees from around the world can come to learn, connect and share knowledge with the common goal of improving overall patient care, including surgical and clinical outcomes.

  • Auditorium with seating for 42
  • 5 meeting rooms with seating for 8, 22, 14, 16, and 16
  • 1 main restaurant with multiple food selection areas and salad bar
  • Audiovisual and communication equipment to allow streaming to remote and within the facility, including global connect functionality in 3 of the meeting rooms
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