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The Johnson & Johnson Institute harnesses the size, reach, collective resources and passion of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies to support the professional growth of those who care for others.

The Johnson & Johnson Institute in Chennai, India is an 8,000 square feet world-class facility. This facility is well equipped with a modern operation theatre, providing the latest patient monitoring and life supporting equipment. Simulation and wet lab offering hands-on training and classrooms with audio visual aids and ergonomically designed seating arrangements comfortably support distance learning.

Utilizing the full capacity, the Johnson & Johnson Institute in Chennai, India conducts more than 850 events and trains close to 25,000 HCPs every year, in collaboration with our Johnson & Johnson Institute in Mumbai facility location. With 25 years of experience, Johnson & Johnson Institute facility locations in India, has offered 60+ surgical training curriculums; providing learning continuum from junior residents to consultants covering 20 different medical specialties. The Johnson & Johnson Institute in Chennai, India looks forward to partnering with you in your learning journey to advance surgical care and improve patient outcomes.

  • Sub-dividable classrooms with seating up to 40
  • 1 board room accommodating 12 guests
  • Multiple dry and wet labs to accommodate 12-18 participants
  • Audiovisual and communication equipment to allow broadcasting to remote locations and within the facility
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