We have great pleasure in inviting you to IOACON 2018, a meeting where you will find the perfect blend of academics, fellowship and hospitality. The meeting is jointly hosted by the three orthopaedic societies of Coimbatore, Erode and Dindigul, all from Kongu region which is well known for its traditional culture, friendship and hospitality. You can be sure that this will be a conference to remember. 

The theme of the conference has been carefully selected to be 'Experience the Expertise'. Many experts in various sub-specialties of orthopaedics from world over will be at the meeting to share the wealth of their experience. All Indian sub-specialty associations will also participate actively and this will ensure the presence of the best of our National faculty. Apart from pure academics, we will have many interesting professional and leadership programs for young surgeons which will help them to be future leaders of our profession.

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