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Dr. Guido Dekkers and team

Principles of Pathway Optimization:

  • How to initiate pathway optimization (Mindset and Methods)
  • How to measure improvement - Signal vs Noise (Mindset and Method)
  • How to ensure improvement is sustained (Mindset and Methods)

Learning Objective
The Hip fracture team will be able to analyze their current Hip fracture pathway and create a future Hip fracture pathway (high level) for their own hospital.

Target Group – Multidisciplinary Teams in P&E Hospitals
Clinical teams in mid-sized to large hospitals that are interested to learn the best practices of other hospitals. Before attending this course, the current pathway of the delegate hospital should be mapped.

Team Composition: Key decision makers in the hospital. Minimum 3 people and maximum 8

  • Core Team = At least 1 surgeon, 1 anaesthetist, 1 senior nurses. Maximum 2 surgeons, 2 anaesthetist, 2 senior nurses
  • Hospital Managers (Optional). Project Managers, OR Manager, Quality Manager, Others
  • Other clinical decision makers (Optional) Physiotherapist, Dietitian, Case manager, Others
  • Core team + Other clinical decision makers must be at least 50% of the team