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Prof. Ralph Peterli and multidisciplinary team.

Clinical Solution:
Advanced course for sleeve gastrectomy will go beyond teaching the correct and safe surgical technique -> it will also focus on its evidence from clinical studies (long-term data on weight-loss, metabolic effects, safety, Quality of Life, complications, etc.). Discussion on correct patient selection and information. Mix of live-surgery, interactive lectures, Q&A sessions to share best practice and tips and tricks, enhancing surgical skills.

Technical Solution:
Powered Echelon GST, Harmonic HD1000i, Stratafix, Excel Trocars.

Learning Objective:

  • Drive excellence in lap sleeve gastrectomy.
  • Share and educate on clinical evidence of sleeve gastrectomy to support suitable patient selection and information.
  • Safe and effective use of Ethicon product portfolio, understanding science of stapling, cartridge selection and staple line intervention technique.

Target Group:
Qualified bariatric surgeons who have performed sleeve gastrectomy and are looking to enhance skills and techniques.