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Prof. Francesco Rubino, Prof. Carel Le Roux, Prof. Lee Kaplan and Prof. Karl Miller.

Clinical Solution:
Educational program on how to effectively communicate about obesity and its related co-morbidities and the spectrum of treatment options to their allied HCP and primary care colleagues to establish an adequate referral process.

Technical Solution:
Powered Echelon GST, Harmonic 7, Stratafix.

Learning Objective:

  1. Train EMEA obesity faculty/ambassadors in each market, with a «ready-to-go» toolkit including the latest evidence and guidelines.
  2. Support local MDT with establishing and streamline local referral pathway by addressing key stakeholders in the patient pathway – right patient, right time, right treatment.
  3. Drive local roll-out of TTAOO programs in key markets.


Target Group:

Top-level bariatric and metabolic surgeons; endocrinologists of each local market, interested and driven to become an ambassador in the field of obesity.