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This course seeks to enhance the knowledge and skills of the participant specifically related to the surgical management of patients presenting with spine and joint reconstruction conditions. Please join us for a discussion and hands-on training on the safe and effective use of the following adjunctive hemostasis and wound closure products available during spine and joint reconstruction procedures: SURGIFLO® Hemostatic Matrix Family of Products, SURGICEL® Family of Absorbable Hemostats, EVICEL® Fibrin Sealant (Human), STRATAFIX™ Knotless Tissue Control Devices, and DERMABOND® PRINEO® Skin Closure System. Participants will also get hands-on experience with ATTUNE® Knee System and HARMONIC OSTEOVUE™ Spine Soft Tissue Dissector. This program is designed to expand your understanding and product knowledge through a didactic presentation, case discussions, and animate/cadaveric skills training lab setting.


Requirements for Participation


To ensure this educational program meets your needs, we recommend that participants meet the following criteria: Physician Assistants and/or Nurse Practitioners specializing in Joint Reconstruction procedures or Neurosurgical  Spinal procedures with one or more years of experience both in the clinical and surgical setting (1-5 years of experience is ideal).

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