An image from the "Introduction to Intracardiac Electrograms with Joshua Cooper, MD" video playlist on the website.
Introduction to Intracardiac EGMs with Joshua Cooper, MD

    Watch this 12-part video playlist to learn more as Dr. Cooper discusses the introduction to intracardiac electrograms, specifically the unipolar recording. This content is intended for Health Care Professionals in the United States.


    Part 1 - Introduction to Intracardiac Electrograms & Unipolar Recording
    Part 2 - Bipolar Electrograms Recording
    Part 3 - Bipolar Electrograms Filtering, Timing, & Shape
    Part 4 - Bipolar Electrograms Morphology
    Part 5 - Unipolar vs Bipolar Recordings
    Part 6 - Rationale, Catheters, & Nomenclature
    Part 7 - Electrograms Display & His Bundle Recording
    Part 8 - Interpreting Multi-Channel Electrograms Recordings
    Part 9 - Assessment of AV & VA Connections
    Part 10 - Atrial Flutter & Right Atrial Activation
    Part 11 - Basic Diagnostic Pacing Maneuvers
    Part 12 - More Basic Diagnostic Pacing Maneuvers