An image from the "Suturing Tips & Tricks with Russell Pruitt, MD" video playlist from the website.
Suturing Tips & Tricks with Russell Pruitt, MD

    Watch this ten-part video playlist to learn more as Russell Pruit, MD, demonstrates his suturing Tips & Tricks to maximize efficiency. This content is intended for Health Care Professionals in the United States.


    Part 1 - Load & Introducing the Needle
    Part 2 - Needle Positioning
    Part 3 - Tissue Penetration
    Part 4 - Rosser Interrupted Technique
    Part 5 - Szabo Interrupted Technique
    Part 6 - Managing Suture Tag Length
    Part 7 - Tying High vs. Tying Low
    Part 8 - Forehand to Backhand Stitch
    Part 9 - Candy Cane Technique
    Part 10 - Tying a Slip Knot